Cod: 120770
Baraldi Renzo (Carpi 1911-1961) Naked woman
Period: 20th century
Baraldi Renzo was born in Carpi, thanks to his talent organized his first solo exhibition at the Municipal Theatre of Carpi in 1934. Due to the success of the exhibition was presented at Baraldi Graziosi and Hull and moved to Florence where he was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts . It was 1935. The same town of Carpi in addition to fountain Plant commissioned in 1956 and originally located in Piazza Garibaldi had previously purchased many of his works and commissioned sculptures and bas-reliefs in memory of the fallen of war and labor. From '57 to '59 Renzo exhibited in various galleries including the Academy of Arts and Design in Piazza San Marco in Firenze.Sec XIX
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