Cod: 311972
Death of St. Joseph
Author : Scuola Veneta
Period: 17th century
price: € 2.700
Restauri: Buono Stato di conservazione
Oil painting on board from the early 1600s, also perfect as a bed headboard, measuring 100 x 160 cm from the Venetian school, depicting the death of St. Joseph. In this work we can see the serene end of the putative father of Jesus, who died according to the apocryphal gospels at the age of 111 struck by an illness; he died in the most serene way possible in the arms of Jesus and Mary, therefore surrounded by the love of the people who were dear to him. For these reasons he is revered as the patron of a happy death. The figures are full of immediate human intensity but also of deep symbolic meanings, the narrated scene is full of solemn descriptive details
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