Cod: 310380
French Still Life of Flowers and French Fruit '800
Author : Scuola Francese
Period: Second half of the 19th century
Restauri: strepitoso stato di conservazione
Oil painting on canvas measuring 80 x 60 cm without frame and 85 x 65 cm with frame, depicting a wonderful French vase of flowers from the second half of the nineteenth century. The painting in question exhibits a luminous rush of brilliant skill to which we combine a truly meticulous precision in portraying the flowers, the wonderful ornate and gilded vase and truly multiple details such as the butterfly, the fish tank or the birds at the bottom on the right. also to a breadth of impasto and a perspicuity of definition which are all typical prerogatives of the great French painting which has a wonderful vein in the 19th century. The composition is very versatile and in
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