Cod: 310047
Lombard chest in walnut '600
Period: 17th century
price: € 1.800
Restauri: strepitoso stato di conservazione
Lombard chest, Cremonese, in walnut measuring 60 x 150 x 53 cm from the second half of the seventeenth century. This rich walnut chest was built in the seventeenth century in the Lombard area. On the heavy front feet, sculpted like a lion's paw, rests the rounded base with a pod decoration with a carving with a strong chiaroscuro relief.The forehead is divided into a single area in solid walnut where a carving consisting of a coat of arms appears in the center circular noble inserted in a circular frame with an architectural setting. Under a broken tympanum and scrolls, two extremely elegant caryatids flank it. The overhang of the opening top is below
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