Cod: 283682
Saint Francis Receives the Stigmata Luca Mombello '500
Author : Luca Mombello
Period: 16th century
price: € 11.800
Restauri: Ottimo stato di conservazione
Oil painting on panel depicting Saint Francis receiving the Stigmata by the painter Luca Mombello (Orzivecchi 1520 - 1588). The painting is in a good state of legibility and depicts a hilly wooded landscape with St. Francis kneeling and swooning in front of a miraculous apparition in the shape of a purple cross, where behind him, on the hill to the right, the faithful disciple is seen seated, Brother Leo, holding a voluminous prayer book in his left hand. The Poverello of Assisi, who was born in 1182 ca. and died in 1226, is portrayed according to the precise description of Tommaso da Celano, his first biographer, and is therefore depicted as a pale man, with a short beard and c
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