Cod: 191583
Veneta flap in Noce and Noce '700 root
Period: First half of the 18th century
Restauri: ottimo stato di conservazione
Venetian flap, measures 105 x 130 x 55 cm, walnut, walnut root moved centrally and sideways. This is a cabinet of refined cabinet-making with herringbone walnut. Front with double accentuated ripple at broken line with sharp edges; it rests on the ground with shaped shelf feet to form one with the top. This limelight is a very widespread model in Veneto in the second quarter of the '700 is made in this way: An undulating cornice that rests on shelves accompanies the harmonious concave-convex trend that builds the furniture frames tracing the restless profile of the plane to calatoia . To be noted in the double move
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