Cod: 189962
Fifteen Trento Luigi XV
Period: 18th century
Restauri: ottimo stato di conservazione
Fifteen trent moved centrally and in the upper Louis XV inlaid in various woods measuring 115 x 125 x 60 cm. Noble trocar of fine workmanship entirely inlaid with elegant geometric and floral motifs on the entire surface, in walnut, thuja, maple, cherry and poplar burl. The furniture is distinguished by a sophisticated and sumptuous cabinetry, for a scenographic combination of wooden essences, able to create a bright and fine tonality and for the elegant proportions that make it both in the high and low part a piece of extraordinary refinement and richness, as we can see not only from the low part moved and inlaid but also from the 4 drawers of the high part moved, int
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