Cod: 256135
S - Still life with fish, turkeys, calf's head and plucked chanterelles
Author : Bartolomeo Arbotori (Piacenza 1594 –1676)
Period: 17th century
Beautiful painting by the Piacenza painter Bartolomeo Arbotoni or Arbotori (Piacenza 1594 –1676); the composition is a typical work of the painter, who draws inspiration from the rich Flemish pantries: we find fish, a calf's head, a knife resting on several horizontal planes and next to it placed on the table a cloth, a celery and hanging plucked chickens and turkeys. Copper utensils (pan, basin and cauldron) and pewter plates are wisely used to define the depth of the spaces. The painting is published in five volumes and already known since 1973 in a private collection. Dimensions: canvas 130 x 94 cm - frame 144 x 110
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