Cod: 177420
Miraculous fishing
Author : Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (Genova 1598-1669)
Period: 17th century
"The unaware Velasco di Genova", as Roberto Longhi defined Giovanni Andrea de Ferrari (Genoa 1598-1669) in a 1916 article on the Arte magazine entitled "Gentileschi, Father and Daughter". In highlighting the influence of the Gentileschian art in the field of Genoese naturalism, he noted the appreciation for "the portentous skill" of Strozzi and for the "talented Sarzanese" Domenico Fiasella and so wrote "Valse in short the Gentilesco, always through Fiasella , to reinforce this current of pure vision that culminates in the sovereign executor of life, in the unknown Velasco of Genoa that responds to the name of Giovanni Andrea de Fer
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