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Giuseppe Patania (Palermo, 1780 - 1852), Portrait of Pietro Benvenuti
Author : Giuseppe Patania
Period: Early 19th century
price: € 5.500
Portrait of Pietro Benvenuti Inscribed on the verso: G. Patania .. vidit Pietro Benvenuti Oil on canvas, 50 x 40 cm The Palermo artist Giuseppe Patania is famous for his academic classicism, but attentive to the legacies of a realistic neosecentism, style that he applies with very high results depending on the artistic genres it deals with. In fact, in his artistic story we can see a continuous change, which sees him participating in an observant neoclassical sensibility that is renewed to naturalistic instances and of greater adherence to the truth, up to reaching results of felt romanticism. A skilled courtly portraitist, Patania devoted himself to this activity on an ongoing basis and is therefore a document d
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