Cod: 282765
Cenedese, Murano glass table lamp
Period: The Eighties
price: € 430
Murano glass table lamp produced by Cenedese, Murano glass, circa 1980. It bears the original paper label of the Cenedese company. Dimensions: Height 58 cm Diameter of the upper part 40 cm Circular base 16.5 cm An example of Italian modern antiques from the early 1980s, this table lamp is inspired in its shape by the mushroom with a large and voluminous hemispherical hair supported by the shaft with a circular section. The soft and delicate aesthetic effect of the opaque glass makes the object very pleasing to the eye and not very impactful despite its important presence. For more information call 348 7618122 (also whats app). By law we issue a certificate of authenticity
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