Cod: 284836
Christ in Pietà with the Virgin and Saint John, Circle of Albrecht Dürer (Nuremberg 1471 - 1528)
Author : Rinascimento tedesco (1500 circa)
Period: 15th century
Christ in Pietà between the Virgin and Saint John the Evangelist Masterpiece of the German Renaissance, around 1500 Circle of Albrecht Dürer (Nuremberg 1471 - Nuremberg 1528) Possible Albrecht Altdorfer (1480 - 1538) Oil on panel, 74 x 134 cm With frame (not coeval) 90 x 148 Details of the work at the following link: The panel in question depicts an intense Imago Pietatis, with in the center the figure of Christ, standing inside the marble sarcophagus, flanked by the Madonna and St. John the Evangelist, to whom he holds out his arms. In this iconography, from the profound effect
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