Cod: 260586
Pair of console tables with angels, 19th century Venetian sculptor (in the manner of Andrea Brustolon)
Period: 19th century
price: € 5.800
Restauri: Buone condizioni
Pair of console tables with raised angels-like Venetian engraver of the 19th century in the manner of Andrea Brustolon (1662 - 1732) Carved and lacquered walnut. Console measures: Height 86/88 cm., Width 95 cm. and depth 45 cm. Complete details of the pair of furnishings: This is a pair of wooden sculptures, of a 19th century Venetian carver, depicting two angels carved in the round and full length, standing on a naturalistic base in lacquered wood made like a rocky ground, characterized by pleasant grace and realism in the
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