Cod: 248281
Large stone sculpture Guanyin Botdhisattva, China first half of the 19th century
Author : Cina, prima metà XIX secolo
Period: First half of the 19th century
price: € 9.600
Restauri: Eccellenti condizioni di conservazione
Precious gray stone sculpture depicting Guanyin Botdhisattva with long robes in a seated position and surrounded by other deities China, First half of the 19th century Height: 90 cm. Provenance: - Purchased in Hong Kong in 1961 - Casa d'Asta il Ponte Milano (22 May 2018) - Link: + gray + stone + depicting + bodhisattva + Guanyin + with + long + robes + in + sitting + position + us # Guanyin (or Bodhisattva Avalokitesvara) is a Chinese Buddhist deity, represented in the form of a woman, an enlightened being who remains in the world material to help all mortals achieve salvation. Come
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