Cod: 225041
Portrait of Emperor Franz Stephen of Lorraine, Martin van Meytens (Stockholm 1695 - Vienna 1770)
Author : Martin van Meytens (Stoccolma 1695 - Vienna 1770)
Period: 18th century
price: € 7.600
Martin van Meytens (Stockholm 1695 - Vienna 1770), and workshop Francesco Stefano di Lorena (1708 - 1765), emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Titles of the effigy: Duke of Lorraine (1729-1736); Grand Duke of Tuscany (from 1737); official sovereign, with his wife Maria Teresa in the Habsburg monarchy (since 1740); Holy Roman Emperor (from 1745) oil on canvas, cm. 93 x 72 with gilded frame 116 x 96 Full details on -sacro-roman-empire Our gallery is pleased to present this beautiful portrait depicting the Austrian emperor 'Franz I. Stephan von Lothringen' (17
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