Cod: 216432
Important console in carved, carved and gilded wood, late seventeenth century Rome
Period: 17th century
Restauri: Buone condizioni di conservazione
Important console, in carved, sculpted and gilded wood Roman cabinet-making, late 17th - early 18th century Workshop of John Paul (Innsbruck 1615 - Rome 1674) and Filippo Schor (Rome 1646 - Naples 1701) Louis XIV Style (1661-1715) Maximum measurements 152 x 71 x height 96 cm. Full details on: This prestigious parade console, richly carved and gilded, represents a remarkable example of the decorative repertoire typical of Louis XIV, with particularly sumptuous elements for the sculptural resolution of the carving, fitting into the Baroque period as rare example of Roman cabinet-making. It consists of a support surface in mar
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