Cod: 211691
Cavalry battle (I / II), Francesco Maria Raineri known as Schivenoglia (Schivenoglia 1676 - Mantova 1758)
Author : Francesco Maria Raineri detto lo Schivenoglia
Period: 17th century
price: € 9.800
Restauri: Eccellenti condizioni di conservazione
Francesco Maria Raineri called the Schivenoglia (Schivenoglia 1676 - Mantova 1758) Battle of cavalry (I / II) Oil on canvas, 41 x 97 cm framed cm. 58 x 115 Provenance: Milanese Collection (like Bernardino Cesari) Details of the work on: The work is part of a couple of important paintings (oil on canvas, 41 x 97 cm each) depicting "Battles of cavalry between Christian and Turkish army ”. Works viewed personally and studied by Professor Sestieri who identified them as autograph works by Francesco Maria Raineri, known as Schivenoglia (1676-1785), from his country of origin. The scenes show a multitude of images in the foreground
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