Cod: 211592
Animated landscape of the Roman countryside, Circle of Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem (Haarlem 1620 - Amsterdam 1683)
Author : Nicolaes Berchem (Haarlem 1620 – Amsterdam 1683)
Period: 17th century
price: € 7.800
Restauri: Eccellenti condizioni di conservazione
Entourage by Nicolaes Pietersz. Berchem (Haarlem 1620 - Amsterdam 1683) Landscape with shepherds and herds in the Roman countryside School of Bamboccianti, mid 17th century oil on canvas, cm. 112 x 139 with antique frame 125 x 152 Descriptive and photographic details (direct link): The proposed canvas is a typical work belonging to the pictorial genre called “Bamboccianti”, a sought-after current of landscape painters and genre painters operating in Rome in the mid-seventeenth century. The followers of this current opened a 'window on the road' and the humble reality of popular life became the protagonist
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