Cod: 205523
Blessing Christ as Salvator Mundi
Author : Scuola fiamminga dei primi del XVII secolo
Period: 17th century
price: € 3.600
Ancient oil painting depicting the blessing Christ as Salvator Mundi, executed by a Flemish master in the early seventeenth century oil on canvas, cm. 94 x 68 framed Details on: The painting shows the traditional iconographic model of the Salvator Mundi, with Christ portrayed in half-figure, the right raised in the act of blessing; the left is instead resting on the sphere depicting the terrestrial globe surmounted by a cross, symbol of universal power. In the sphere we see an inhabited foreshortening and the moon, a particular unconscious, which often symbolically alludes to the temporal power of the Church. The theme of the painting, namely the image of the blessing Christ that regulates
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