Cod: 208444
Engraving - Press - Richomme - Dafni and Cloe - 1830 France
Period: Early 19th century
price: € 420
Restauri: Piccoli difetti cornice
Engraving - Engraving signed Richomme Joseph Théodore - Paris 1785 - 1849. '800 frame in cherry (small defects) Measures with frame: 88.5 x cm 83 h The engraver Richomme, a student of Regnault and Coiny, received the Grand Prix of Rome and studied 5 years in Italy. He exhibited at the Paris Salon from 1804 to 1841, making him one of the best engravers of the time. The print depicts Dafni and Cloè, characters from a Greek novel that tells their love story. Specifically it is depicted Daphnis who washed himself in a stream and is noticed for his beauty by Cloe who falls in love with her.
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