Potomo Waka (sling) of the Chest '- Ivory Coast

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Potomo Waka (sling) of the Chest '- Ivory Coast 
Period : Early 20th century
Origins: "The Baulé, estimated at the beginning of the century around a million units, are part of the Akan of Côte d'Ivoire. The job of the sculptor, who has not inherited, it is the personal choice or desire that occurs during a sognoo a crisis of possession. Some people object types Standardized no longer correspond to the needs of specific rituals, gongs and pulleys, for example, are produced and stored. The Baule statuary is characterized by a certain realism; gather the canons of beauty as it is naturally conceived. " "Art in Africa" ​​- J. Kerchache, JL Paudrat, L. Stephan - Garzanti 1991 p. 539 slings of Baulé were mainly used for hunting fruit bats are considered a delicacy or had a ritual function and propitiatory: During pregnancy, the expectant father realized his slingshot inspired by a male or female hoping that determined the sex of the unborn child, and to accompany him in the first game, then in the rites of passage between adolescence and adulthood. The sling that we propose is a rare beauty, as well as having an undeniable tribal use. Source: ethnicity Baule (Ivory Coast) Period: first half of the twentieth century Materials: wood Dimensions: Height 21cm - Width 9 cm - Depth 8 cm Condition: excellent 
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