Headwear "Batcham" of the Bamileke - Cameroon

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Headwear "Batcham" of the Bamileke - Cameroon 
Period : The Fifties
The masks "Batcham" have a particular shape, which can not be compared to any other. Designed on two floors, the first vertical, occupies the upper two-thirds of the object; formed by two symmetrical concavity separated by a median ridge, this plan corresponds to oversized eyebrows. Almond-shaped eyes, the eyeballs important, they form a transition between a first and a second plane slightly oblique horizontal plane which includes the cheeks, nose, nostrils dilated and the phallic shape and strongly protruding mouth. The basis is formed by a circle dug that allows to carry it as headgear. Provenance: ethnicity Bamileke (Cameroon) Period: mid-twentieth century Materials: wood Dimensions: Height 90 cm - Width 41 cm - Depth 22 cm Condition: good: (some little lack at the top and at the base of the nose - normal wear and tear due to 'age) www.storchiantiques.com 
Country of origin: RE (Reggio Emilia)  Italia
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Reggio Emilia -  RE (Reggio Emilia) -  Italia
Phone / Mobile: 0522454564 - 3397984540