Jan Frans van Bloemen (1662 – 1749)

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Item 163439
Author : Jan Frans van Bloemen (1662 – 1749)
Jan Frans van Bloemen (Antwerp 1662 - Rome 1749), workshop of Landscape with figures"  
Period : 18th century
To see more details of the work, please visit our updated website with lots of suggestions on www.antichitaischia.it (or directly at http://antichitaischia.it/dip.ant.111.html) Jan Frans van Bloemen ( Antwerp 1662 - Rome 1749), Landscape paint shop with oil painting on the second half of the century 600 Dimensions (cm) 49 x 70, with frame 57 x 79 This beautiful painting of the late seventeenth century and of a clear Roman matrix is \u200b\u200bto be placed in the ever delightful production of the shop of the famous Flemish landscape designer Jan Frans van Bloemen, operating in Rome for most of his business. The lively and bright chroma, a peculiar feature of the ma"  
Country of origin: TN (Trento)  Italia
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Riva del Garda -  TN (Trento) -  Italia
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