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Category : Antique prints  > 18th century
Item 163151"  
Period : Second half of the 18th century
A. Jacobs, coat of arms of the Salmouth family, London 1766-69. Hand-made copper copper engraving for the ancestor of the Salmouth family, taken from three-volume work by Alexander Jacob "A Complete English Peerage" published in London in 1766-69. This engraving shows on top a helmet surmounted by a raptor. The two side supporters are two fantastic racing lions. The motto shown on the engraving is "Patience, Passe, Science". The print is non-coated, in good condition in a beautiful, hand-painted modern frame, and is part of a series of four. In the back we find the guarantee of an antique gallery, with"  
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Milano -  MI (Milano) -  Italia
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