Diamond Tip 3.5 ct."

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Item 162788
Diamond Tip 3.5 ct."  
Period : The Sixties
Detail American 18K White Gold Ring 18K. This jewel has a unique design that forms a tip and a jade (green stone) that overwhelms it and makes this ring unique in its genre. Giving a refined touch to the ring. Precious from a pave of beautiful natural diamonds round brilliant cut for about 3 ct. Ref. 3977 MT On request we can send a jewel video for better viewing. Estimates are made for personal needs and legal inquiries. Visit our new fully updated site, enriched with content, curiosity and news on precious stones. www.GioielliGradara.it"  
Country of origin: RN (Rimini)  Italia
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Rimini -  RN (Rimini) -  Italia
Phone / Mobile: +39 0541.28.636 - +39 335.21.30.60