Decoratore neoclassico (Giuseppe Levati?)

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Item 162670
Author : Decoratore neoclassico (Giuseppe Levati?)
The nine Muse"  
Period : Second half of the 18th century
Nine drawings on china on cardboard, representing the 9 Muse series. The sheets should be dated in the last quarter of the 18th century, and a note on the folder indicates the author of the Milanese Giuseppe Levati (Concorezzo 1739 - Milan 1828). The drawings are "cartoons" for dusting, transfer technique from sheet to plaster (in case of fresco) or to the floor of the furniture (in the case of inlay), to reproduce the template; the transfer took place by ripping the trace of the drawing minute, holding the cardboard pressed against the support. Of the nine drawings only that relating to Musa Euterpe is the signs of a giant agave"  
Country of origin: BG (Bergamo)  Italia
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Treviglio -  BG (Bergamo) -  Italia
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