Antonio Nessi

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Item 160180
Author : Antonio Nessi
Antonio Nessi (Rome 1739- Rome 1773): Innocent XI worships the Crucified Faldi collection. Posted."  
Period : Second half of the 18th century
Ink with ribbed bushes depicting Pope Innocent XI who worships the Crucifix, by Antonio Nessi (Rome 1739- Rome 1773). The drawing is the preparation for a sketch (in a private collection) and then for the final painting kept in the Church of the Most Holy Name of Mary at the Trajan's Forum. Opera from the private collection of Italo Faldi. All this is documented by Francesco Petrucci in "Portrait Painting in Rome", (see attachment). The frame is original, Salvator Rose with two carving orders. The design measures 20 cm 25 cm, while the frame is 31.1 for 36.1 cm. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us at:"  
Country of origin: PG (Perugia)  Italia
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Foligno -  PG (Perugia) -  Italia
Phone / Mobile: - +39 3926587032