Drawing of "Angel"

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Item 158135
Drawing of "Angel"  
Period : Early 20th century
Item description Chiaroscuro drawing in angel charcoal. The cherub is portrayed holding a basket of flowers with his right hand while leaving a few left with his left hand. The movement is even more accentuated by the movement of the drape which, inflated by the wind, moves turbulently around the figure. The author of remarkable skill, he knew through the use of dark light, to emphasize the figure that almost comes out of the sheet. Beautiful details such as face, hair, hands and all body anatomy. Presented in golden frame New Unknown Author Dimensions Height: 73,5 cm Width: 59 cm Depth: 2 cm Particle  
Country of origin: SO (Sondrio)  Italia
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Sondrio -  SO (Sondrio) -  Italia
Phone / Mobile: - +39 3339621071