Handira Zaer, Morocco, 1950s circa

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Handira Zaer, Morocco, 1950s circa 
Period : The Fifties

Woven for months by the mother and the sisters of the Berber bride, it is the equivalent of our wedding dress: it will be worn as a skirt on the wedding day.
Brought as a dowry to the groom, it will later be used as a warm blanket.
Usually of pure wool, white or cream, has one side decorated with tufts and fringes that are designed not to allow the snow to soak the mantle during the wedding journey.
The Moroccan Handira, a long tradition of wisdom and mastery.
Called tamizart it is a fine female shawl of soft wool woven with the technique of the kilim and with the same geometry. Size: 180 x 90 cm

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